The objectives for which the Foundation was established are:

a)To relief in any manner which the Board of Governors of the Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Board) may in its absolute discretion deem suitable of persons falling within any of the following categories:

i) The poor and needy who by reason of age, ill health, misfortune or infirmity are wholly or in part unable to maintain themselves and their dependents by their own exertions and in particular widows and orphans.
ii) Those in need of moral or social rehabilitation or welfare.
iii) Victims of fire, flood, famine, war pestilence or other calamity.

b) To aid/assist and give relief in any manner and to any extent the absolute discretion of the Board any part of the assets for the time being of the Foundation to other similar charitable organisations which are not operated primarily for profit.

Provided always that not withstanding anything heretofore contained no grant or assistance shall be given in aid of :-

i) Institutions or missions for whose maintenance any government or municipal or other authority is liable by law
ii) Any political organization

c) To grant studentships and scholarships and to provide monetary and other assistance as the Board may in its absolute discretion deem fit for the promotion and encouragement of education.

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